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on a garmin c 330 ,if i load a custom poi for ,lets say interstate rest areas.what exactly does it do ,does it show on my map ,alert me im close to it ..or do i have to set a certain poi rest area as my destination.

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )


If you load a custom poi such as the rest areas, you can of course select one and GO to it.

If you set a proximity alert, say at a 1/2 mile, when you reach the 1/2 mile point you will get an alert.

You can set that for individual points or the entire file. The speed alert works similar, of course using a speed limit.

You don't have to select a point and "go" to it for the alert settings to work. Just get within the proximity for example, and you'll be alerted, whether or not you have selected to "go" there. That's how the redlight camera files work. As you approach an intersection you'll be alerted. You can select to go "Home" and pass three redlight camera intersections and you should get three alerts.

Any icons or custom bmp's used for your custom poi will show up when you get to the location. If you are just browsing the map,you will probably have to zoom in to at least 300ft level to see the bmp's/icons.

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POIs on c330

The POI's will show up under: Where to? > My Locations > Custom POIs. Once you select Custom POIs you will see the 50 closest to your current location i.e. rest areas, along with the distance and direction. If you select one, you can set it as your destination. When you load them, you could decide to put a proximity alarm on which would sound an alarm and alert you when you are a certain distance from the POI. [If you use PoiLoader 2.4.x(beta), in manual mode when you load the POI file you can set the proximity alarm and the distance]. Also, under high zoom you should be able to see the marker on the map.

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thank you

thank you very much ,im new to all this ,your response was very helpful and appreciated.

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )