Rocky Mountain Highway Passes

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Last updated 07/26/2009

Raw file: Rocky Mountain Highway Passes.gpx (95.17 KB)

This is a compilation of paved mountain and high passes in the Rockies to assist RVers and others with route information. I used the Colorado Mountain Passes file submitted by jwhite518 as a model and added locations in other states to include elevation and grade info whenever available. Much of the info comes from Wikipedia and various state DOT websites. Some locations in the Western Intermountain Range that are close to the Rockies are included. Additions and corrections are certainly welcome.

One possible way to use this file is to plot a route and if your GPSr supports finding POI along the route, it will show these points along the route as a list.

5/24/09: Added MT, ID, UT and several passes in Alberta and BC.

5/25/09: Added 4 passes in SE Wyoming.

5/29/09: Added newly found passes in NM & WY. Added state info to each record.

5/31/09: Added more sites in ID; included milepost info where available and reformatted the layout to hopefully eliminate the "carriage return" displays.

6/3/09: Added 9 passes in Colorado.

6/20/09: Added 10 passes in New Mexico.

7/26/09: Added 20 locations in ID and eastern UT.

States included: TX, NM, CO, UT, WY, MT, & ID and Provinces in Canada: Al, BC, & YT. Currently 186 passes and high elevation grades are included.