Nuvi POI Subcategories


I must be really dense. I keep reading how you can put .csv/.gpx files in subdirectories on your hard drive so that you can create sub-categories that show up in your "Extras" folder. When I run Garmin's POI loader though, it won't accept it. It will only take a directory with something in it. For example, I have:

c:\Garmin\Custom POI\Ham Radio\2M Repeaters\2M Repeaters.csv
c:\Garmin\Custom POI\Ham Radio\70CM Repeaters\70CM Repeaters.csv

Since c:\Garmin\Custom POI\ doesn't have a .csv file in it won't load it.

Not sure I'm communicating this right.

1 level of subfolders ...

you can only have one level of subfolders:

e.g. :
".../Custom POI/Ham Radio/70cmRepeaters.csv"
".../Custom POI/Ham Radio/2mRepeaters.csv"

direct POI Loader to the Custom POI folder, and Ham Radio is the subfolder - can't have more folders inside the ham radio folder

Too Many Subfolders

You have one too many subfolders. Place the csv files directly in the Ham Radio subfolder and then delete the 2M Repeaters subfolder and the 70CM Repeaters subfolder.

You're right, too many

You're right, too many subfolders. Working now, thanks!