"End of line" characters


I’ve seen some poi’s (csv format) are using eol (end of line) characters that are invisible. I’ve used copy and paste before, what I’m trying to find out, does anyone know how to put them in from the keyboard?

in excel, return characters (new lines) are 'alt' enter...

maybe this helps you....

non-native nutmegger

you want an ascii character 10

You might be able to hold the alt key down and type 010 I use this for ° symbol which is an alt-248

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In ASCII, < br > (with NO

In ASCII, < br > (with NO spaces) works.

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<br> only works with nuvi 350/360 and 25x/26x models

dhayner wrote:

In ASCII, < br > (with NO spaces) works.

The <br> method creates a line break only for some 200 and 300 series nuvis.

See retiredtechnician's excellent summary at:

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