IPhone GPS


i have an iphone with a gps app. i used it the other day and it is realy very useful. you press to find your current location (even indoors) and then type in a store name (or anything) and a few seconds later several pins will drop down on the map with the various store locations (some even have a photo of the place)
now i wish that they had turn by turn voice instruction for routing

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Yes, I just got mine a few

Yes, I just got mine a few weeks ago...I am pleasantly surprise what this thing can do..... Don't know if the TOM TOM prog or Navigon program for the iphone are any good.

NAVIGON is a pass for now....

The NAVIGON app has problems with geocoding - so routing to a correct location is an issue. Several other app errors exist, but the Geocoding issue is the most significant.

I give NAVIGON a ZERO on a scale of 10 for customer support. They do not have a clue!


it sounds like a cool application, but I'll stick with the people who do this for a living. Those people in Oregon who know that time is money for me smile