Tripmaster 2.5


What's new in Tripmaster v2.5 ?
The only enhancement of Tripmaster v2.5 is that it works on Tomtom v8.350 navcore.

If you are using Tomtom v8.350 navcore, you must install Tripmaster v2.5 and another program to solve v8.350 problem with plugins .

If you are using another Tomtom navcore version than v8.350 and if you've already installed Tripmaster v2.4a, you can keep it, because Tripmaster v2.5 doesn't bring any new functionality. If you're installing Tripmaster for the first time, go ahead and install v2.5 which evidently includes all Tripmaster's features.

Known problems : this version doesn't work on One V3 where it can't even be launched..