What happened to the “Buddy List“???


Anybody know what happened to the link to the Buddy List?



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And that would be what?

And that would be what?

Your right..

Yea, now that you mentioned it.. I don't see it either..

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What is the "Buddy List"?

What is the "Buddy List"?

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I don't see it either

Buddy List is located in My Account link, if I'm not mistaken. I've never used Buddy List but I suppose you can add other poi-factory users to your Buddy List. Not sure what purpose it serves. I guess that's why it's no longer there, no?

Well that science experiment

Well that science experiment was interesting. It took about a week for anyone to notice that it was gone.

We are doing some updates and some of the old modules have been turned off for now.

Miss POI

Reminds me...

Reminds me of when the Director of Quality, in his twenty page, monthly report, offered anyone a free beer if they called him and told him what page the offer was on..

No calls. smile

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Without a live

Without a live white board or chat it's was a useless module anyway, thats why it went to long without being missed. No real need to see if someone particular is on-line, time and effort better spent elsewhere on other more important modules.

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