Can I convert POIs from Magellan Sport Trek Pro to a Nuvi 660?


Hello everyone. My father is looking for an in-vehicle GPS unit. I'm thrilled with my Nuvi 660 and he is looking for something similar to what I have. However, he's been using a Magellan Sport Trek Pro and he has lots of POIs in that unit like grave sites, home sites and other things from our family tree. He doesn't want to load all these manually so I'm curious if there is a way to export out of the Magellan, which is using MapSend Direct Route, and import them into the Nuvi via the POI loader.

Thanks for the answers. I'm sure you can help get him squared away.



It can be done but it's not as easy as just loading your original POI files into the Nuvi using the POI loader. You need to have your POI in .gpx or .csv format and the information has to be in a special order. I basically followed the Creating .CSV Files section in the link below:

Here's what I did. I have a Magellan Sportrak Map receiver and MapSend Topo software. The waypoints are in .wpt. I'm not sure about MapSend Direct Route so it might be different for you.

  • Open your waypoint file (.wpt)
  • Click on Waypoints and choose Export
  • This will let you save it in Excel .xls format
  • Open the new .xls file
  • Move the columns around using the guideline in the link above and delete off the columns that aren't needed
    • Columns should be: Lon,Lat,Name[@Alert Speed],[comment]

    • Stuff in between [] is optional
  • Save the file as a .csv file
  • You can then open the .csv with notepad or something similar to verify it looks something like:
    • -94.74240,38.81952,Heritage Park,Perfect park
  • Now you can import it using POI loader

So it can be done with a few steps of data manipulation. Sure beats having to redo them all.

Doable, Thanks for the


Thanks for the information. This is just what I needed. I'll give it a shot and see if I can help get my dad squared away.