How to create a poi file for use


How do I create a file for others to use? I would like to do a few things if possible.


Excel for custom pois.

If you have excel you can use this method.

Making csv files with Excel

1.Pull up Excel sheet.
2.Column A put in Longitude. (6 decimal places)
3.Column B put in Latitude. (6 decimal places)
4.Column C put in Name.
5.Column D put in street number, street, city, state (abbreviation), zip code and Phone Number. No commas
6.After all data in completed for each row you will need to save as a csv file.
7.Go to file at top left of Excel sheet and click on it and select save as.
8.Under File name put the name of the file. Under Save as type click on down arrow and find CSV (Comma delimited). Now click save.
9.You now have a CSV file.

A. Tips to get Longitude and Latitude. Go to Under number 1. Geocode a single address .Put address in box and click Go. Make sure to get an address not a city or zip code when search completes. Select 2 for multiple addresses.
B. Be sure not to put the Longitude and Latitude in the wrong column on the Excel sheet.
C. Eliminate all the periods, dashes (except phone number) and commas in Column D.
D. To get a nice format for column D. Put in the street address and push down on alt and hold it down then hit enter. Now put in the city, state and zip then alt and enter and then put the phone number in. It should come out like this and show well on your Garmin screen.

Waldo Market
0000 Pine Street
Nowhere Texas 00000

If you don't have excel you can also use notepad.Let me know and I will post the notepad process.

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If you do not have Excel

you can use open office for free from Sun. Go to

and down load the program. Includes a Word, PowerPoint, and other programs similar to Microsoft Office programs.

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Try this great program by one of our members, Turboccc.
It is pretty easy to use and it creates a gpx file which is a compile file that can have a lot more info for each POI. The gpx file is loaded into your GPS the same way that cvs files are. You might want to read the FAQs. Good Luck

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