How did it choose a lounger route


I have a nuvi 680 but no longer have the traffic active. On returning from out of town, the GPS routed me around the city on the bypass interstate. I know from experience this is a longer route. So when I arrived at the exit for the bypass, I checked the remaining miles and the time for arrival. Then I took the intown interstate route instead. Once the unit recalculated while going under the bridge for the bypass, the time remaining to arrival shortened and the miles remaining went down as expected. Both interstates are the same speed limit and this was on a weekend with very light traffic. Both routes end up going to the same point going interstate all the way. I have 2009 maps which is currect for both routes. The bypass is just longer. I can't any reason why it would choose a longer route with more time with the GPS set to shortest time. Avoid tolls is off but not an issue as neither are toll roads. Can anyone splain this?

What is GPS set to

Could be a very easy explanation. Is the GPS set to shortest or fastest routing? Fastest routing is by no means going to always be the shortest.(Thus the two settings) It is very possible a "By-Pass" is going to be generally faster around a city.

Other than that for us to help you give the coordinates and routes you are talking about so someone can try them on their GPS..

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Read my post a little closer please..

I clearly state that it is set to shortest time and that the bypass is longer with the same speed limit and that this was on a weekend with light traffic either way. That being said, I am not aware that the GPS uses "generally fastest" routes. I thought it was a computer that calculated based upon a number of factors. I was hoping for input on what those factors could be in this case? As I satated in my post, the GPS not only calculated the intown route as shorter but also faster.

I find it interesting that on the way out of town during much heavier traffic time, it routed me through the city but on the way back in it routed me around the city. Both are the same route and I do not have the traffic sub active so it can't be rerouting based on traffic.

The route is from I20 West coming into Atlanta from the east. One can either take I285 north around the city to I75N OR go the intown route which is take I20 west to I 75 North and arrive at the same point of I75 and I285. Start coords( 33.728615° , -84.239222°) end coords ( 33.890607° , -84.461850°)

Lounger Route ?

Were you lying in a chaise or pool lounge playing with your GPS when it found the "Lounger Route"

This sounds similar to the couch potato syndrome I've read about.

This seems very interesting and will probably need more study to figure out this phenomenon.

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