Wouldn't it be neat?


Wouldn't it be neat if POI files could do this?

Be an all inclusive file - 1 file that holds the gpx and the icons and the sound files.
It could be named a .gpz.
For example this is the way the java jar files and firefox extensions files work.
It is a standard zip file with the extensions changed to what ever the standard calls for. Then it includes the configuration files, the code, and the image and sound and anything else needed.

Also wouldn't it be neat if you could code the gpx or csv with the correct code and it would use the text to speech engine/voice to read the description - rather than recording sound files - this way they would use the same tts voice and any other instructions.

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But I don't like the canned

But I don't like the canned icon or sound/description. Someone should make 50 variations of every poi and keep them up to date!

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I would rather like a open system platform to allow third part developing functions, perferences, utilities, etc. just like in the computer.

that could be nice

that could be nice

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open source

I am an open source proponent myself.
I try to use Linux (usually Ubuntu or Mint) when possible on my PC to avoid having to give Microsoft any money. I wish I had some better coding skills to be able to create an open source option for our GPS units.

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