Oregon Firmware Update Ver. 2.96, Beta


Just seen on the Garmin site that there is a new Oregon beta Firmware update available. Firmware Update Ver. 2.96, Beta.

(from Garmin:)
Changes made from version 2.95 to 2.96:

Added Waypoint Averaging application. (For more information visit our new Trail Tech website at http://garmin.blogs.com/softwareupdates/trail-tech/)

Added Sight 'N Go application for the Oregon 300/400i/400c/400t.

Added option to display four configurable data fields on the map.

Added customizable text to unit power-on screen (see \Garmin\startup.txt)

Added Man Overboard application

Added the ability to view geocache logs separate from the description

Increased the number of waypoints viewable from the Waypoint Manager and Where To?>Waypoints

Report problems with software to OregonBeta@garmin.com.

OK.....so where the heck am I?


i thought all of Garmin's software was Beta, and the customer was the tester! :)AND yes all i own is Garmin smile

Everyday is a GREAT day :)

Update Ver. 2.96, Beta

I just installed the update yesterday and the first disappointment (I know it's beta) was that I lost the pretty boxes around the data fields on the compass screen crying crying

EDIT... I just downloaded 2.97 beta, it is supposed to fix the bugs... exclaim

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