TourGuides on Garmin 255W


I was told by Garmin that the 255W does not play media files, but the particular technical response guy could not be sure if it would play a wav file, that was included with a TourGuide.

I would appreciate a little assistance.

Dave Brown


WAV Files

It would appear that other users have gotten wav files to work on their 2XX model nuvis. Here is one topic:


If you search for 255 wav you will find more topics.

Just remember to install the sox.exe file in the folder where you have the POI Loader program installed.


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TourGuides on 255W

Thanks to finding an earlier discussion about sox.exe, I did download the latest version and installed it in the same directory as POI Loader.

I haven't had a chance to try it yet, since it's my son's 255W and he hasn't brought it over for me to load the POI files.

Thanks for clarifying what the Garmin techie guy didn't seem to know.


One Month Owner of Nuvi 255W

My first post so I am a little bit intimidated. But here goes.

I also have a Nuvi 255W and am enjoying it a lot. It's fun! Doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but then that is why I bought it. I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and have learned so much. The Nuvi 255W will play wav files included in your POI's.

Instead of me retyping what has already been said below are a few very helpful links that got me started. So far I have downloaded and tweaked the Wal-Mart & Sam's POI and the Cracker Barrel POI. By tweaked I mean, added my own wav files and configured my distances with POI Loader. You will need the sox.exe file as stated in charlesd45's post. I would note as others have, to be sure your files (.csv .bmp .wav) are all named the same. For instance:

Motorcylce Mama explains creating folders here:

charlesd45 has a great outline (which I followed that got me started). Be sure to check out the TTS demo. That is where I made my own wav files.

Good info on TourGuides here:

Also Hornbyp's guide to setting alerts with POI Loader:

I am new to POI Factory but this site appears to be a very helpful and friendly website with a ton of information on just about anything you want to know about POI's. Next step - maybe creating my own personal POI - you never know! Hope this helps.


YOu will need to put it in the same directory where poiloader is. You can search past posts on this site to find it.

wav files work great on the 255w.


Welcome to the site.

It is refreshing to have a new user read first rather than jump in trying things. Now that you are getting more familiar with your unit, there will be other things to try. I for one look forward to having you contribute.

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