Backing Up Nuvi Files


I have backedup my Nuvi files to my computer. which of the files is the map file?

The BIG one

noahjokc wrote:

I have backedup my Nuvi files to my computer. which of the files is the map file?

It's the big one, the .img file in the Garmin Directory (almost 1.2GB for City Navigator North America).

What Craig said, it's the

What Craig said, it's the really HUGE one. More than likely called "gmapprom.img" if it's an added map (ie: Not part of the main map file, but a map added later) it would be called "gmapsupp.img" (This is from memory)

I hope this helps.


got it backed up in case something goes wrong. really appreciate the input.

Full B/U

I just backed up all the files. The map file is by far the largest, so adding the others was fairly minimal. Never needed to reinstall, so I only assume more is better. Have any reinstall issues been found?

I did delete unneeded files on the GPS after the b/u. i.e. non-used voices and vehicle, etc. This freed up space so I could add anything I wanted to the gps rather than to an SD card. Anyone have any issues with that procedure?

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Full B/U & File Delete

1. I only remember a handfull of users posting here that they had to fully restore their GPS from their backup and I don't remember anyone posting any particular problem. Of course, depending on the nature of the problem, restoring may not fix the problem. But, having a backup is still a good idea, like insurance.

2. Deleting unused, unneeded voice and vehicle files to gain more space is perfectly fine. You can always re-download voices using WebUpdater and vehicles from the Garmin Garage.

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I have deleted unnecessary vehicles, language files and voices without any consequence. Voices, vehicles and languages can always be restored via Webupdater if needed.

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