Garmin Mobile PC POI Sounds/Images wont display!


i have followed the instructions and done everything i could, (latest POI Uploader, downloaded sox.exe on this forum, same file names, etc) but i cant get the sound and some icons to appear on my maps. Some icons would appear black. i have done the simulation and when i approach the nearest poi it just displays "ALERT: POI NAME" on top of the interface and the default 'ding' sound and not the prefferd POI
s .*wav sound!

does anyone here have the garmin mobile pc version (latest and has the poi's sound and icon working? ? ? help pls...

thanks !

EDIT: I Just found a fix on

EDIT: I Just found a fix on icons showing black. I was looking at the other icons that where showing up on the map and notice that the file size are 1.56kb size at 22x22 dimensions. So i tried changing the others to the same dimension and used a Shareware BMP File Reducer Program (google it) to bring down the file size and it worked. For some odd reason a lot of the icons were reduced from 1.9KB to 1.56KB. some were reduced to 1.51KB although tehe icons that were 1.51KB showed up black on the map.. I guess this program is very picky. Can anyone else try this and confirm ?

As for the sounds...I will now try to use MP3 format instead of WAV and see if that works..

custom poi sounds dont work

well it seems like Garmin Mobile PC does not support custom POI's sounds. I have tried both WAV and MP3. sad