How can I put a dispatched route into a GPS?


Suppose I want to go to several places in a day. How can I create a POI file to dispatch the route in a logical driving sequence? Thank you in advance for any responses.

Which GPS?

What make & model GPS do you have (sorry, I don't remember if you said in previous posts redface )? The answer to your question will vary depending on the capabilities and features of your specific GPS unit.

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Microsoft Streets and Trips has an "Optimize Route" function. You could use that to set the order of the points and then create a Custom POI file or a series of Waypoints and then name them sequentially (ie 1, 2, 3 plus the name) and then route to them manually.

GPS Device

My GPS is a Garmin XT which is on a memory chip that I insert into my Palm Phone.

good ?

good ? i would love to do this with my garmin xt 2


The Garmin XT (I believe) doesn't have the ability to store routes.

So you will need to load them as Custom POIs as indicated above. And you will need to manually route to each one in sequence.

Sequencing a route

I have just loaded GarminmMobile PC. How can I create a logical route using POI's?


See page 6 of your user manual:

Also, if you Google "Garmin Mobile PC" you will find reviews and tutorials, e.g. at laptopgpsworld.

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