new Discovery Show "Pitchmen" premier tonight. Try to sell GPS Pal


Any one catch the Discovery show "Pitchmen" with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan tonight?

It's a reality show about selling stuff on TV. Talk about advertising masqurading as entertainment!

One of the products is a GPS Pal, which is a cupholder thing that holds a GPS device.

Very interesting...

More reading on this if you're interested:

-- - red light cameras do not work

Yes, I flipped right by them

Yes, I flipped right by them when I saw that show - I can't stand those 'shouting' pitchmen...I see where Billy Mays was even on Leno a couple of weeks ago...

I've always referred to those late-night pitchmen as 'Paid Programing Preachers'...trying to entice new cult members!

I don't know where I'm going...but I'm on the way!