Route Planning with Custom POIs?


I'm probably missing something, but struggling to figure out how I can use custom POI files for trip planning.

Background: I'm on a Macintosh and have RouteBuddy and Garmin's RoadTrip and POI loader. My Garmin is a StreetPilot (7200) with 8g memory card.

Some things I'd think might work don't..others do when I work with downloaded POI files from the POI Factory.

* POI loader successfully installs files to the memory card, and waypoints are available from the "extras" menu, though I've not figured out quite when they'll show or how to use them;-)

* cvs files can be imported to RouteBuddy and show on the "places" menu without maps being overlaid. Thus if I search to a particular place to see if I could add points to a trip, I get to the location on the maps, but the points don't appear. RouteBuddy will export the location files as a gpx formatted file, but these aren't readable by RoadTrip.

*RoadTrip won't import the .cvs Garmin files I've downloaded from POI factory for some reason. Perhaps there's some conversion I need to put them through? RoadTrip does seem to import gpx files, though it doesn't like the ones labeled as such which are produced by RoadTrip.

My goal is to have custom pois for things like campgrounds and dumping stations on my computer so that I can designate these points in routes. Is what I'm wanting to do impossible?

Any tips or suggestions would be deeply appreciated. I sure with I knew of a good tutorial..wink

The simpliest route is to

The simpliest route is to select Where To, select destination point, select go. GPSr will route you to that location.

You have many ways to select destination - favorites, built-in pois, custom pois. You can add as many vias as you like to adjust your route.

My 255W does not support routes, but it should be similar. 7200 allows you to store up to 50 routes.

This is link to 7200 owners manual

You can also try searching this site for route discussions.

Hawk - Nuvi 1450


Thanks Hawk. I know how to use the 7200 if I know my destination. But with the custom POIS, I've got lots of new destinations.. truck stops, gay camping grounds, etc. The problem is that I can't click "go where" and name the place or item in a custom POI if I don't know where it's at;-)

In Road Trip I can take the map to a tentative location and search for POIs. I'll get a list of attractions, or lodging, or whatever for many miles around. Then I can pick a proposed destination and put the waypoint into a route. But I can't figure out how to get the POIS from this website imported into Road Trip on the Mac. These are grayed out, though I can get gpx files to import. I can use RouteBuddy to produce gpx files from the cvs from the site, but Road Trip won't accept these files. I suspect there is some Mac-specific stuff going on with carriage returns or something.


Are you saying that you can find Custom POIs in Extras but can't route to one?

If you can't, select Custom POI from Where to>Extras>Custom POIs>File Name>select Custom POI Name>select Go. (EDIT - Only the top 50 show up in list. If it is not near / in the top 50, you will have to use Spell to locate)

If you want to see these Custom POIs (bmp icons) and Nuvi Map(s), you have to be zoomed in (300 ft) to see them.

I am not familiar with Nuvi Route features, RoadTrip, RoadBuddy, or Mac.

Sorry if I am not understanding your question.

Hawk - Nuvi 1450


Thanks Hawk. You helped me think through the problem a little bit, and to become aware of the key limitations of custom POIs on the Garmin. That information will come in handy. I think that the bulk of my questions through, probably do have to do with quiddies related to RoadTrip, Macintosh, and gps file formats. RoadTrip is like MapSource. If while trip planning on the computer I want to go someplace, I can center on the location and get a list of all pois within say 50 miles by category. That's really handy since I can now know where the RV parks are in town, or the campgrounds which might not be in the Garmin POI set. That's where my Mac or File format issue seems to come in since the trip planning software (RoadTrip) won't import cvs points of interest files, though it does a fine job with .gpx files.


There are many freeware programs that will convert csv to gpx.

To find POIs at a different location on GPSr, select Where to>Near>select new location>select Built-in POIs or Custom POIs and it will list those close to your new location.

You can also set your location to another location using Simulation Mode and then do a search. Results will be listed with the closest ones first.

Hope this helps.

Hawk - Nuvi 1450