Voice stop working


I've been using the nuvi 755t with the latest 3.4 update. I've notice that while playing an MP3, the text to speech voice is beeing desactivated some times and i need to reboot the unit in order to reactivate TTS.

Have you experience similar problems. I remember reading something similar but was wondering if it was the same?

I am using the FM transmitter... Not sure if it it doing a similar problem with internal speaker...

Similar experience here

I have a 750 where Jack mysteriously goes quiet. Nothing is being used, e.g. FM transmitter, SD card, or playing MP3s. Just cruising down the road telling me where to go and then he goes quiet. Volume is up and muting isn't selected. If I switch to Jill and then back to Jack, he starts talking again. Maybe it's in his genes! rolleyes

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I used felix in french and it does similar things... I'll try switching the tts person instead of rebooting next time.

Must be a common problem

I have a 750, same thing happened to me. Friend just bought a 780, he told me yesterday that he lost his voice. Knew exactly what to tell him because of what happened to me. It's only happened once but it did happen.


my 680's Karen is just mute and I have to think fast on which point I should turn, especially because there is a lag. It has gotten worse with the voice updates of recent. The voice direction is not quite helpful in recent times on my 680.


Knowing that I am not alone led me to think that it should be fix in an upcoming update... (I said should.....) smile

True that it is hazardous in some driving condition where we are unfamiliar... i thought it was related to the use of the FM trasnmitter while the internal speaker was on quiet mode before activating the transmitter...

I explore that more tomorrow when I will be heading to Florida..