I'm can load POI but no Icon shows up


I am using a Colorado GPSr. I had a number of POI files that all had a different icon. I had to reload them and now no icon shows up. The POI is only a dot. What am I doing wrong?

Here are my steps if that helps.

1. Create files on my computer with the POI and an icon

2. Using POI loader load file onto drive in the Colorado

3. Change name of file in Colorado

4. Repeat each step for each file.

have you disable hiding file extensions?

Are your icons bmp files? What size are they (should be no more that 24x24 and some claim at least one of the two sides needs to be an even number). They must be 256 bit color, not larger. Have you disabled the windows "feature" that hides file extensions for known file types? If not you very likely have double file extensions causing this problem. Are the poi file and the icon file names EXACTLY the same except for the extension?

I had the same problem and

I had the same problem and followed the steps suggested. Still no custom icons for the poi. This is disappointing...

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After you upload, F5. Refresh the webpage.

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Couple things

File names need to be the same, example


Even if you do this you aren't going to see your custom POI icons unless you are zoomed way in.


I am trying to load Harley Davidson icon on mapsourse.. It will load on the zumo 550 but not on mapsousre,,,,What am I doing wrong ?

gpx only

Never thought about opening a POI file with mapsource. Just tried it, you can open a file but it has to be in gpx format, csv won't open. If you want to see the icon also I think you are out of luck. Unless there is a way to embed the icon in the gpx file.

You can attach multiple

You can attach multiple files to Mapsource Waypoints (bmp, jpeg, wav,...).

Check out this previous post


Hope this helps.

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