785 or 885


A friend of mine is looking at the Garmin 885 and the 785. Looks like the only difference is the 785 has 3D buildings and the 885 doesn't. The 885 has everything else plus voice command. Which would you recommend?

I still like my 760. It does everything I need it to do and I bought the MSN package. Of course, the XX5 have the upgraded MSN (more gadgets!).

785 or 885


Besides not having the 3D buildings, the 885 has 1/2 the storage capability for Waypoints, Favorties and POI's at 500 instead of the 1,000 that the 785 has.

There are other differences too. You can do a unit comparison at Garmin's website. Here is a link:


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800 series

i got rid of the 850 cause it froze up on me. i have a couple friends that have a 850 too, and they too complain about freezing up. the refresh rate on the 800 series is very slow compared the the 7x5 series

nuvi 755t

Thanks so much. No I didn't

Thanks so much. No I didn't see your other post, so that helps. I still really like my 760 and am trying to tell him he can't go wrong with the 760. It is not that old of a model hahaha