TomTom joins open-source patent collective


TomTom, the GPS maker being sued by Microsoft, has joined a collective of companies that have pooled their patents in an effort to help defend open-source software against legal threats.

Interesting, it seems TomTom is going to defend itself against Microsoft vigorously rather than settle.

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TomTom have launched a

TomTom have launched a countersuit based on patents they own which they claim Micro$oft are infringing. Best bet is that it will end in a settlement where each is allowed to use the other's patents. Interesting article here:

If the suit is pursued then Microsoft may find they've taken on more than they bargained for if the OIN retaliates.

There are also some recent patent decisions which might greatly restrict the ability of holders to "patent farm" their patents, particularly companies which really have no other purpose.

wow, very interesting! The

wow, very interesting! The lawyers will love this!

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does this mean parts/all of

does this mean parts/all of tomtom are going open source?