I need a push


Ok my friends, I am tired of researching all the models and features out there and am ready to buy my new gps this weekend.. but I could use a little "push" from some of you. my choices either the 760 ( like the black color as opposed to the silver on the 750 ) or the 755T. does anyone know if the 760 has hotfix for faster satellite acquisition. Also does anyone know if the processor speed is different between the 760 and the 755t. I know the 755t comes with free traffic and lane assist, and while those features are nice I can live without them since I don't travel but 3 or 4 times a year. Not to mention lane assist and traffic still only work in certain areas. However if the 755t is faster and has hotfix ( provided the 760 doesnt have it ) then I'll opt for the 755t. However, If both units have the same speed processor, and are identical when it comes to navigation, then I think I'll go with the 760 and use the difference in the cost between the two models to pay for lifetime maps. The goal here is to get the best & quickest "navagational" unit I can ( best to me does not mean the unit with the most features ) So if anyone out there has any experience with these two I would certainly appreciate your views. Thanks guys ( and gals )



I'll go for the 760 @ least is working just fine for my needs wink

I like my 760. It may take a

I like my 760. It may take a few seconds to boot up if I have had it off for a couple of days, but it has done a great job for me. Seeing some great deals on the 760.

I have looked at the XX5 models, but I still stick to my 760

The 755t has HotFix™

The 755t has HotFix™ satellite prediction, nüvi calculates your position faster to get you there quicker, and its ultra-fast map redraw ensures a smooth user interface.Don't see anything about HotFix for 760.My understanding is the models with the 5 at the end have the faster processor.You can't go wrong with either model.I will give you a push and say go with the model that has the HotFix.

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My recommendation would be to just get the 760. The HotFix is marketing hype, the 760 acquires satellites just as fast as the 7x5 series. And even though the 7x5 series are claimed to have faster map redraws, that is offset by other factors. Sergzak posted an excellent review of the 765 model which points out some of its flaws.

Edit - here's the link to the review http://www.poi-factory.com/node/18769

Because you said that you

Because you said that you only travel three or four times a year. Save some money and get the 760.

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