Ordered my first gps =D 765t


Does anyone know if the silicone jackets on ebay will fit the 765t? It says it fits the 200 series, but the size looks very comparable to the 765t.


I'm not sure if all the ports will match up or if there's any difference. I couldn't find any 700series specific items..


I'm so jealous of you. Hope it works to your expectations.

Size, yes. I do not know if

Size, yes. I do not know if those models have the same mount at the 765T so if the cover would interfere with it...

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Haven't seen the covers

I haven't seen the covers so I can only tell you that I have a 200W and a 765T, and they are both physically the same size.

But, as tampa8 noted, the mounts and wire connections differ. The 200W clips in at top & bottom while the 765T clips bottom and in the center of the back. The bottom clip area is roughly the same size on both but the wire connects on the back but off to the side on the 200 in a different spot than the 765's clip.

All in all I'd guess that it wouldn't fit.

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Aw man..haha. I already

Aw man..haha. I already ordered it. Oh well it's only $10. Maybe i'll just cut some holes in it.

haha the silicone jacket

haha the silicone jacket doesn't fit after all. it fits the sides just fine but not the top and bottom, the silicone is a bit short because it is a bit bulkier there, the squared corners in the center as opposed to being completely rounded off.

other than that, i'm loving the gps. i'm using it in thailand atm and it's been working out great.