TomTom POI file - Address Display


I have a TomTom xls, it does not display the address and phone numbers like my garmin poi files did - is there a way when I am searching through my POI files (loaded on my xls) to see the phone numbers and addressess

More than likely...'ll have to open the ov2 files and edit/rearrange the info (try using POI Edit) so that it appears the way you'd prefer when using the search screen, e.g. 7-Eleven;6415 3rd Ave would now become 6415 3 Av;3475551212 (by my count only 21 characters, including spaces, are all that's allowed to appear on the search screen). In this case the business name is not necessary because you already know that you're searching for a 7-Eleven!

Good luck!


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GO 930 Vs XLS

I'm not sure if my GO 930 works the same as your XLS, but when I do a search for a POI and select it, I get a screen with the POI mapped, its telephone number and street. There is also a "Details" button. If I select that, it will give the street address and sometimes other information. For example, if it is a restaurant, it will say, "Food Type: XXX"

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