Can a GARMIN / TOM TOM CSV file be used by Magellan POI manager?


I really feel stupid asking this but Magellan support is of absolutely NO help. I have a RM 760. When I try to activate Custom POIs, it says the file isn't loaded. I have the Magellan Roadmate POI manager for conversion of CSV files. But everyone I find on this website has either a GArmin or TomTom download. I assume the formats are different. Or are they? Can any CSV file be read into the POI MAnager for conversion.


noreaster wrote:

Can any CSV file be read into the POI MAnager for conversion.

The answer for the POI Editor that comes with the Maestro line is YES.

Give it a shot with a small file; you won't know for sure until you try!

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X

POI File Editor

POI File Editor that comes with Maestro line can open following type of files: .MGLN, .WPT, .RTE, .ASC, .CSV, .TXT, .GPX and .XML. Once saved every file gets converted to a .MGLN file with the same name as the original file.

I am not sure but I think your POI Manager has the same capabilities as our POI File Editor plus some extras.

Magellan POI File

Not sure of what your Magellan POI manager has on it, but the main keys for conversion are once you inport CSV file- separator "comma" and on the next step the column headers of longitude, latitute and description/name in that order.

Hope this helps- there should be other references on this website also.

Thanks to all

Thanks for all the responses. It worked as advcertised. Now I have to turn off alerts until I can figure out how to get the RM 760 to stop using the main category / file name every time we come up on a new POI. I think I can hack thru this. If I can't I'll be back.

I did all of the above and

I did all of the above and it worked great!! I set up alarms for 2000 and 500 feet, the first alarm 'said' "Red Light Camera Detected" twice and the second sounded like a doorbell and 'said' the same. Thanks for the help!

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