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New Redlight files - what's the beta?


In the new enforcement camera zip file, there's a "beta" file in there -- anyone know what this is for or what's the difference?


`shows cross streets

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So, do we load BOTH files or

So, do we load BOTH files or one or the other?

Old version vs. beta

gerrydrake wrote:

So, do we load BOTH files or one or the other?

Both files have the same locations. Difference is in the way how the cameras have been named. Beta version as unique name for each camera has the crossing streets, while the other one has manufactured names. If you care about the crossing streets or if your GPS display those information you're better off installing beta version, otherwise it doesn't matter.
Installing both would duplicate locations.

That's what I thought.

That's what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.I assume they have exact same coordinates?????

Isn't that what

gerrydrake wrote:

That's what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.I assume they have exact same coordinates?????

"Both files have the same locations." means?

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Miss POI Post

Miss POI explained it in this topic:


miss poi wrote:

I have the first beta test file up on the site now for Active members. Once we work out the kinks I will post it for subscribing members. If you are a subscribing member and would like to be part of the beta testing , send me a note and I will send you the file.
This week’s zip file now contains 3 files, the two original and the new file (named “Redlight-Beta” ) containing cross roads. The new cross roads file does not contain the identifying code that the other files do.
If you are using the new file make sure you don’t have the old version loaded or you will get double alerts.
The street names are shortened to take up less space on the GPS screen. This was done automatically by dropping directions and street types (e.g., E 54th AVE -> 54th). Some did not turn out so well, and I will need to go back and manually fix these.
I would like to know how the new file looks on your unit and if you had any trouble loading it.

Miss POI

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New Redlight Files.

A friend kindly shared the latest Redlight Camera files with me, until I become an active member. When approaching a Redlight Camera, my TT 720 refers to it by the file name. Since the new Beta file is named "Redlight Beta", that is what my device enunciates. Not caring for this, I changed the file name, in my device only, to the old standard "Redlight Camera". I left the files stored on my puter as they were, to avoid confusion.

Easier Editing

This would be a lot more helpful in finding bad/out of place locations. Or if you customize the file like I do. I separate all the freeway cameras in my area into their own category.

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