Aqautic stores, specialty pet shops, marine/ saltwater fish, hobbists


I am a Marine hobbyist and huge dog lover and I'm constantly on the look for new shops but I can't seem to find anywhere that collects multiple sites/ locations... I'm currently in the process of collecting info for POI on this topic that I know of in and around the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virgina Tri-state area. Even locally I know there's more places to explore I just have too little info to do a proper search and find where they all are...Please feel free to add any locations that you may frequent or know of in your area and I'll include it in this POI file. THANKS!

Great Idea

Would be nice while out and about to be able to stop into different reef stores "just to see what they have". The famous line that always costs $$$
I know there is a site that has this I'll look around for the link.

If you can read this thank a teacher! If it's in English thank a Vet!