Redlight Camera - Million$ in 75 days


A redlight camera that generated a million dollars in fines in 75 days is being turned off.
While not mentioned in the article, today's morning news reported that the owners of the nearby Woodfield Mall, one of the largest in the Chicago area, were afraid that irate customers would shop elsewhere.

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Crazy Huh!

75 days, 1 million dollars, I wonder if the math works out. Does the mall pay that much in taxes? Foe some reason I doubt it. They might have been better of shutting down the mall, but then they wouldn't have the traffic to generate the tickets. A real catch 22 for the city of Schaumburg ... Go figure!

And if they left the camera running, they would run off customers from the Woodfield Mall and still lose traffic for generating tickets.

You have to love it when the best laid plans just blow up, especially when it in the guise of saftey, and not the real reason, $$$$.

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The true objectives of the

The true objectives of the red light cameras revealed - it's all about the money.

-- - red light cameras do not work

In Los Angeles

nuvic320 wrote:

The true objectives of the red light cameras revealed - it's all about the money.

Most of the tickets issued by red-light cameras for running red-lights is for making a right-turn without coming to a complete stop before making the turn (Turning right on a red-light is legal if you make a complete stop and you don't interfere with on coming traffic).. The fine used to be lower for the right turn violation than if you went straight through the red-light ... The fine is now the same. The price without the assessments is close to $400 (I thnke $365)... imagine the revenue that raises shock

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