MP3 Files to Share


I guess some of us just can't leave well enough alone! I made my own MP3 files for custom audible alerts of red light cameras and photo radar. I found some links here at POI Factory to other sites (AT&T) that let me create custom .wav files. I was not totally happy and thought I would take it one step further. Being a Star Trek fan (original show) I hunted up some .wav files on the web. I then combined them to create a Star Trek alert. Red alert sounds five times followed by Mr. Spock saying, "Pleae proceed with extreme caution!"

I know it's kinda weird but I am sure there must be some Star Trek fans around and I would be happy to share the file I created.


Officer I'm sorry I was going the wrong way on that one-way street but my GPS told me to turn left ... Oh, I'm still getting a ticket, okay then the GPS will see ya in court!

I like it.

If anyone has a "create your own ringtone" program you and use that as well.
You can also use your microphone. (great for TourGuides)
You could use just about any audio program to cut from and edit from a cd.
Some units may be able to use wav files, but I think most use mp3 format.
What ever method you use to get the sound, you may also need to convert it to mp3. There are a lot of freeware programs that will do all the above.

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