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Do custom POI's overwrite the factory installed ones?


If I install custom POI's on my garmin using the POI loader will the factory original POI's on my 760 get overwritten?? I've read that when you install custom POI's it deletes the previous ones?? My nuvu came with tons of POI's and I don't want to loose the ones that are on it.

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No, when you add POI’s, they are loaded into a different location within Nuvi. They will be overwritten if you install new POI’s. The originals are safe. So, only the POI’s you load can be either overwritten or removed. Hope that answers your question.

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No it won't...

When you upload custom POIs using POI Loader, it will not overwrite the POIs that come factory loaded. What it will do is overwrite any custom POIs that you have previously uploaded, as it saves them under the same file name each time. The easy way to not loose your current custom points is to save all your custom POI files in the same directory on your computer (you can use sub-directories within that directory) and just upload all of them whenever you run POI Loader.

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Thanks for the help.

Go Leafs Go.... Well, maybe next year ;(

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