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I recently retired my beloved iQue 3600 for a Nuvi 255. In my address book I have a lot of my waypoints from my iQue 3600 that have the following type of description:

GARMIN 1A89EA48 AAFC86D0 B0024

Is there a way for me to use these waypoints so I don't have to reenter them all?


If they are saved in a gpx

If they are saved in a gpx file on IQue, you should be able to copy to c: drive (rename it to something other that current.gpx if you have other waypoints you want to keep on Nuvi 255).
Connect 255 to PC.
Copy gpx file in the gpx folder of Nuvi.
Disconnect/eject Nuvi from PC.
Power on Nuvi - they should be in Where to/Favorites

If not, you should be able to send to Mapsource from IQue.

Then send from Mapsource to Nuvi.

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Not used an iQue, but that text means nothing to me and I would want it changed to something else. You should be able to read it and then label it before sending to your 255.


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Unfortunately, when my

Unfortunately, when my Garmin iQue 3600 cratered, I replaced it with a Windows Mobile device and deleted all of my Palm files.