functionality for week 11/13


This week, I'm working on some additional improvements for the site. The list includes:

* download counters
* forum layout improvements
* recognition for active users

I'm also starting some design work on a POI database that will let us manage locations individually rather than just as POI files. This will make it easier to collaborate on POI projects. It will also make it possible to download customized POI files that contain just the locations you want.

The simple stuff should be ready later this week. The POI database will take longer.


forum posts

I've updated the way forum posts are displayed. The new format allows more width for body text and also has more room for user information.

Firefox users may need to refresh (press F5) to load the new style sheet.

Still in the works - download counts, active user icons


steady progress

After the late evening last night, I'm going to give my brain a break tonight and pick up with the active user icons tomorrow. Overall, good progress today with posting another batch of red light cams and work on programming.


active user icons

This one was a bear, but I finally got the active user icons working. It's been at least a decade since I've done any significant programming, and my SQL skills were really rusty.

I still need to start work on download counts. These might not be ready until sometime next week. sad