Miss POI What is it that your looking for regarding Uploads. I've run across some great Poi's photo cameras and speed traps in New york and elsewhere in the USA. But I don't know If I can post them without the permission of the author who made them and I don't know how to get that permission. I can make POI,s say in Virginia or New York and the NorthEast where I,am from. Anything in particular?


sources for uploads

Good questions --

Miss poi has been doing a lot of work on red light locations. If you notice a new intersection, just post the cross streets, and she'll add it to the file.

Files that you download from other sites can't be reposted unless they specifically allow it. We want to be careful that we don't get into any troubles for copyright violations.

Right now, we're focusing on adding POI files for local attractions. You can make POI files for areas that you're familiar with by picking out locations that would be interesting for visitors.