custom poi (icon color)


ok, i have a question, i have the 765T, i have noticed that some of my poi icons are odd, color, i know i have to change them over to 256 color, but, i have a ton of them, so is there a fast easy way to do this? or can i just have the csv files with out the icons?! and how would the unit react to no icon( would it place a dot)

thanks all for the time and help! smile

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Batch Convert

IrfanView will batch convert. If you use the Thumbnail Viewer:

  1. right-click the selected images
  2. choose "Start batch dialog with selected files"
  3. choose output format (BMP)
  4. check "Use advanced options"
  5. click "Advanced" button
  6. choose "Change Color Depth" (256)

There are many other neat settings there as well.


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Everyday is a GREAT day :)

Icons off color

Came across your post, I had the same problem with the icons being off color. I own a 755T, I downloaded Infranview and it worked great in getting the icons back inline, thanks.