Blurtooth phone volume very low on 765T


I paired my Nokia N95 yesterday and made few phone calls using my Nuvi 765T Bluetooth capabilities. I found out that phone volume is very low when you use blutooth. I use FM transmitter to play audio on my car speakers. But I was disappointed that phone volume was too low. I could not find anyplace to increase it. In mixer you have only two options, 1. Navigation audio 2. Media.
So I am not sure where would Phone audio fall?

I will appreciate your experience with it.

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Bluetooth on 765T

I have the exact opposite problem. I can hear the person with no problem using the built in speaker (never changed the settings from the default) but they have am issue hearing me. Also the voice calling is not working, yet it works with my normal bluetooth headset. The phone is a Motorola Razor. I even tried using the voice dial (or whatever it's called since I do not have the gps in front of me)

bluetooth issues

Bluetooth will vary according to all aspects of the units involved; hardware, software/firmware of both the GPS and the phone, and even the cell provider. My Verizon Moto Razr pairs great with my nuvi 760, is stable, I can voice-dial and my phone book is transferred from the phone to the nuvi just fine.

My nuvi 765T using the same phone has issues pairing, sometimes the phone book won't transfer over and voice dial seldom works.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about any of this as it relies on the manufactures to adhere to set standards...and even that doesn't always guarantee anything.

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So True

Bluetooth and cell phones does depend on your carrier. My Razr and 780 team up pretty well. But because the speakers on the 780 face away, I've taken to using an old pair of Sony speakers and now it works fine. Everything on my cell transfers, and voice dialing works. One thing that doesn’t transfer though is messages. No in, no out, no nothing. I can send a message using the Nuvi, and I will be notified if one comes in, but it will not transfer any from my cell phone. Since all the other functions function well, I'm not worried about text messages.

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Low Volume

I also have had some problems with low volume paired to my Samsung SCH-U520. I was using the FM transmitter which works pretty well in my vehicle to hear it well. Since the last couple updates though, it seems to work somewhat better. Still could be a lot louder, but I can normally understand the other side ok.