I was searching the forums. No body here has ever posted any thing about Event_Logger. I have installed in my TomTom One. I have taken the code and modified it a bit. Also removed all its custom menus. It works great. It is fun to come back from long drive and upload the logged way points into maps and re-live the journey online.



Is the event logger in your Tom Tom similar to the track log feature in some Garmin units? It keeps track of your movements by dropping 'breadcrumbs' (waypoints) along the route. When you get home you can move the data from GPS to a mapping program or even upload it to the web to share your trip with others.

You're right, it's fun and useful! I've swapped interesting motorcycle ride routes with others that way and know sports car clubs do the same. It's great finding new uses for the tools built into these gizmos.

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Mapping handheld gps

I bought my first Garmin specifically for hiking and recording my tracks through the woods both on and off the trails. It's their GPS Map 60CSx model. Garmin calls them 'track logs' as mentioned above and it works great. I bought Garmin's topo maps and download my track logs to the PC and store/view them in detail that way.

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