I have a stupid question and i did search around for it but do we have a Chipolte Combined POI file

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Yes we do Have a Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill US/Canada

Look in the alphabet listing for the above and you will find one or all of the usa

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Chipotle File

You will find it at the following:

Dumb question - why don't

Dumb question - why don't companies like Chiptole offer POI files on their websites?

With GPS getting as popular as cellphones, it would behoove these companies to spend a bit of time to offer POI files for all their locations.

It would be free marketing, so whoever wanted a current POI file for Chiptole, Paradise Bakery, Denny's, etc, can download and use conveniently to their restaurants / stores.

Seems like a smart way to market their locations and reach out to the consumers.

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Good idea. I hope they are

Good idea. I hope they are reading this. smile
I love chipotle.