I downloaded the BB&T POI file and found out the list was very inaccurate. I have a BB&T right down the road from me and it wasn't on the list. I spent the last several weeks off and on searching BB&T's web site for all their ATM locations. I think I got them all. If not...pretty darn close!

I saved them all on Word Pad though. Can someone please turn these into a .ov2 file for my TomTom and others to use?


email me if you can and I'll send you the file.


I'm going to live forever. So far so good!

Convert POI Formats

Go to gpsbabel.org and download GPSBabel. It is a tool for converting gps file formats and will handle this for you in just a few seconds. Save it as a .csv file first.

Let the author know

Once you have an updated file, you should let the authors here know (glubash and jerryt) through their Contact tabs (in case they don't see this thread). That way, you can work together on an accurate file and not duplicate work.