Contributors of the Week 2007-03-05


This week we are recognizing Mortorcycle Mama & 5thumbs.

Motorcycle Mama is always there to help you out if you need a little redirection to the right area on the site, there are times when I go to read a post, realize the I should point them in a different direction and then find out that she has already taken care of it when I scroll down and read the next post. That kind of helpful support is much appreciated.

5thumbs, it is always a pleasure to see what fun files you are making for everyone to enjoy, you have great ideas for interesting useful Poi files.

Great Job everyone

Miss Poi

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Wow, thanks miss poi. That

Wow, thanks miss poi. That was unexpected.

This is a fun and helpful site. I enjoy coming here and seeing what people are working on and talking about. I'm just glad that I can help out sometimes.

Thanks for the site!!


Good work!! I hope to be helpful more when I learn this stuff.. What a great site!

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Congratulations to Motorcycle Mama and 5thumbs!
Well done

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This is great...

I'm a member of a lot of forums and this is the first time I've seen such recognition for the contributors.


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this place is special

this place is special