Custom POI Anomaly in nuvi 8xx


There's an anomaly in the 850 nuvi in that it doesn't refresh the custom POIs in its volatile memory until the receiver does a COLD start. In the 850, that means you have to remove the battery and re-insert it since the "power switch" doesn't fully power the unit down. So, when you load a custom POI and detach it from the PC, it does a WARM start and keeps using the the copy of the old POI that it has in its volatile memory. It should detect that the custom POI file has changed on the SD card and re-load it, but it doesn't until a cOLD start.

I made a change to my custom POI file structure on the PC by moving a POI file from one sub-folder to another. The POI loader read all the files and created a poi.gpi file on my SD card. When I detached the nuvi, it rebooted but the custom POI file was still in the same category. It was only after I removed the battery and re-inserted it did the new poi.gpi get read. Deleting the old poi.gpi file before creating a new one does not help.



I purchased a number of 850's for work users and am experiencing the same issues described by AJ500. Does anyone have an easy fix for this issue or aware of a work-around other than having the users cold boot the device each time they need to remove an old and load a POI?