Can someone make a FILE for States that band the use of
Radars, and those that mandate helmets at
the state line? HELP ME PLEASE

As far as I am aware

The only STATE that bans the use of radar detectors is Virginia.
I believe the District of Columbia also bans them !

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Can't help you with the helmet law - not a biker.

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Yeah, and I'm not sure how you would translate that into a Custom POI file anyway since Custom POIs are specific individual points not widespread areas.

Here's a link to the current helmet use laws for each state. Just print out a list and carry it with you.

Or just always wear a helmet. Problem solved. wink

just how to proximity alert

I think you will find that it would be very hard to set up proximity alerts for the helmet laws. As far as I understand it, once you have the list of states with helmet laws (or better yet, a list of states with helmet laws where the neighboring state does not have a helmet law, you would have to set an alert for the boarder point for every road that crosses the state borders between the two types of laws.

No point in having an alert between 2 states that both have helmet laws, but I still think you're looking at an awful lot of roads. Would be pretty straightforward to do for the Interstates though, but you might then cause someone to run afoul of the law if they were traveling across back roads in the USA but thought that they had alert protection.


So here's a list of states that require helmets for all riders.

District of Columbia
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
West Virginia


hmmm, radar detector and no helmet. Nothing better than speeding on a motorcycle with no helmet. Good luck with that.

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GadgetGuy2008 wrote:

hmmm, radar detector and no helmet. Nothing better than speeding on a motorcycle with no helmet. Good luck with that.

Know how to tell when you see one?

Bugs in the teeth.

I always subscribed to the line of reasoning "When you are going down, it's too late to try to put on a helmet."

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should we really dump on this person?

I don't ride a cycle, and I'm not saying that riding without a helmet is smart, but here we have someone who wants to exercise his right of choice, at least within states that still acknowledge that adults should have that choice, and trying to avoid running into problems in states that do not. I would think that a new member here could be greeted without the criticism, on a website one of which the primary focuses is to provide a list of POIs that warn you when you are approaching a Red Light Camera or Camera used to catch speeders.


Dumping? I didn't see any dumping. Good natured ribbing, perhaps. Not any different from the responses given to people who complain "what can I do to get this speed alert to stop sound?" The answer is "Slow Down!" No dumping just the truth.

But ultimately, the answer to the question is that Custom POIs really wouldn't be a good implementation for this type of data, IMHO. It would more data intensive than even the time zone issue as you would have to code a point at every single road at all the borders (or at least main ones but bikers tend to use back roads). The thought of it is mind boggling.

To the OP, if you want to get some locations coded into a file on the roads onto which you would primarily be crossing into a helmet zone, I can help you with that.