Truck related POI's


I'm just getting started on these, but I am working on Speedco, and places that have truck parking, I am also working on updating the EXACT locations of the major truckstops most TA's are way off. I just updated my list of turnouts and rest areas on US54 in KS,OK,TX.
If anyone has good info on anyplace you can overnight in a truck in CA I'd like to include it in a list I'm making.
I tend to travel off of interstates, so many of my places are off the beaten path.

Anyone want to help?


Is that travel america or something - not my familiar lingo.

I know that some of the files were created with the coordinates on the interstate interchange so that you could have an alert tell you a truck stop was coming up. If you moved the coordinates to the entrance, then no alert on the interstate.

With the change to tour guides that problem may be gone now. So you will just have to make sure that you read what the original file was created for.

As for the state hwy rest areas, Ken as been adding them slowly. He wanted to get the interstate ones done first.


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I guess you call them Travel America, most truck drivers will call them TA(that's what the sign says)
I find the alerts annoying and never have them on.
I tend to play things 300 to 400 miles ahead.
I found one TA in I think MO that wasn't anywhere near an exit, actually about 5 miles from where it really was.


Well, I am not familiar with the TA file. It could be that the coordinates are wrong. I know that at some point a discussion was made about exits or entrance. Was just giving you a heads up and you will have to talk to the maintainer about the corrections.


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speedco usa

I would love to have SpeedCo USA in .gpx format.

I just can't seem to convert from csv to gpx.... i am not doing something right... ??