Grotto's Pizza- PA and DE


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Last updated 01/03/2009

Raw file: GrottoLocationsGPS.csv (1.53 KB)

Includes 18 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: DE, PA
  • some may be in: MD (near a border)

In my opinion, simply the best pizza, period. Yeah, I know it's subjective, but that's why I said in my opinion smile
Grottos is a southern Delaware staple. Anyone who grew up living there or vacationing there will probably think this is totally unnecessary, since we ALL know every location by heart, and just follow our stomach and nose. But for those of you who get the chance, give this place a shot.
Oh, and for those who've never tried the PA sites- I have and they are just as good as the Delaware ones.

This file is my first, so beware, but it should get you close. I tried to verify most locations via coordinates on GoogleMaps, but I have no idea what the accuracy is there. I have not tested these real-world since it's not vacation season. the third column has name, location and phone number. I've included a 4th column with a few extra notes. I hope I did it correctly.
I have not yet made a little bitmap logo, but I'll work on that.