Lakes & Ponds (Connecticut Only)

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Last updated 12/29/2008

Raw file: Lakes and Ponds of CT (v2.1).csv (45.65 KB)

Includes 788 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: CT
  • some may be in: MA, NY, RI (near a border)

A comprehensive collection of almost 800 lakes and ponds in the state of Connecticut. PROJECT GOAL :: When I set out searching the web to find a POI file that contained all of the lakes and ponds of Connecticut, I figured that success was a given. I assumed that with the thousands of custom POI files floating around out there, SOMEBODY must have created one already. Needless to say... I was sorely mistaken. It took quite a while to find even a workable listing of Connecticut-specific bodies of water with which to begin creating such a POI file, but the USGS website ultimately came through. With an afternoon of reformatting and data conversion, I'm now able to offer to you exactly what I couldn't find. Enjoy. NOTES :: The source data for this package was drawn from the USGS website which lists geographical features in degrees, minutes, and seconds. The process for converting these values into their decimal coordinate equivalents produces results which must be rounded, and so the POI locations listed for a few very small bodies of water may actually be slightly inaccurate by a few dozen feet in one direction.