Creating a New Car and Voice.


Before I start tearing open the Vechile and Voice files. I am wondering if anyone here created there own vewrsion of each. I am sure there is a way. I have a mini Van and want to have a car that looks like that. Also would like to change the voice sound.

Any ideas?

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car creation site

Just saw this posted on another site. Doesn't look easy to create new vehicles, but looks like you can decompose the Garmin ones, modify them and reload.

There are a couple that others have loaded. Useful if you have a Lexus SUV.

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I dont know how but I love to know how

This is a good ideas. I dont like the guidance voice of my nuvi. I want to add more voices. I wonder if anyone know how to add little voice option to the machine such as: Please, turn right at..... ( other words such as: Please, now, honey, hey buddy, etc... can be added before or after the machine voice command )