number of poi you can add to a c 330


anybody know how many poi can be added to a c 330 before you run out of space . thanks glenn

Probably depends on their complexity

glenn remaley wrote:

how many poi can be added to a c 330 before you run out of space

I read somewhere that the C340 has 2MBytes set aside for POI's. I don't know if that figure is true (seems low) or if the C330 is the same.

How many entries you can get in there would presumably depend on their complexity. Obviously, a simple "name" takes up a lot less space than an entry with full address fields, 3 phone numbers, email address, 5K of text (that's about the C510's limit) and an attached JPEG (don't know if the C330 can dispay JPEGS).

As for a limit to the actual number (assuming each entry was as small as possible)...I got over a MILLION on my C510, and it was still running ok! Of course the C510 has the luxury of being able to use its SD card for POI's, so physical space is less of an issue.

Get experimenting and let us know smile

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SD cards with c330

The c330 has a slot for an SD Card. Do the same rules apply then ?

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No, SD card slot in C330 is

No, SD card slot in C330 is only to load new maps from garmin. You can not use SD card for custom POIs unfortunately.

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Somewhat less than 2 MB on my c330

My c330 seems to have room for less than 2 MB of POI's. I've got about 1.3 MB of POI's and I think I'm near capacity. I kept getting "insufficient memory" messages when uploading POI's, so I gradually emptied my POI folder until I had a successful upload.

Part of my problem may be that I installed an audio update that was on Garmin's site (even though I probably didn't need it). That file may have been larger than the one it replaced.

And I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove unwanted files (like other languages) to make room for POI's. I sent an email to Garmin asking how and they never responded.


Garmin's Answer

I emailed Garmin and they said there is 3MB available for custom POI's on a C330. Other folks have said 2MB. YMMV.

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