Does anyone know if a new Zumo is coming or a nuvi will replace it?


After seeing a nuvi 550 that is roughly feature equivalent to a Zumo 450, is Garmin replacing m/c units with nuvi units?

won't think so ...

Looking at the Garmin website, the nuvi 550 and zumo 550 are quite different - other than both being waterproof. The zumo certainly seems much more motorcylce friendly ... different touchscreen, special mount, vibration-tested etc.

From Garmin site :
"nüvi 550 features driving, walking, bicycling and boating modes which customize your nüvi specifically for your method of travel. "

and ....

"Durable and dependable, zūmo 550 is built for motorcycles:

Glove-friendly touchscreen with left-handed controls makes it easy to operate

High brightness, sunlight-readable, UV-resistant display makes it easy to view your screen

Motorcycle console for trip information, including fuel gauge to warn you when it's time to fill up

Motorcycle mount with universal mounting hardware so you can mount it anywhere

Included motorcycle and automotive mount (with integrated speaker) for riding or driving

Custom caps available in a variety of colors to reflect your style

Vibration-tested, waterproof and built with fuel-resistant plastics to withstand the elements "


I don't think nuvi will replace the Zumo for the reasons djs stated above.

The Zumos are getting kind of long in the tooth. I wouldn't be surprised if Garmin updates the line with new models soon.

I am going to CES 1/9/2009

I am going to CES 1/9/2009 so hopefully I'll see something there.


Blue-J wrote:

I am going to CES 1/9/2009 so hopefully I'll see something there.

Cool, Blue-J!

Let us know what you find new in GPS or any other electronics that are interesting.

Probably not

Zumo's are great for motorcycles because they are waterproof and have the ability to plan your own detailed routes. Some Nuvi's have limited route planning but are not waterproof. Based on that I feel confident they will keep the Zumo line. As mentioned, it may get updated. Also, the Nuvi's are not loud enough for motorcycle use.

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