Garmin 750 File mgmt


Still learning my 750, most of my best education has come from this site, clearly not the manual. So if I have the process correctly, these are the steps to load a route from Mapsource to 750

Upload route using Mapsource
Import route from file

After doing this the route is available to use. My question is how do you get rid of the files in the import list. I know how to delete routes and favorites but don't see how to delete files from imports list. Is it better to upload the routes to SD card or to the unit. I played around with putting them on the card. Once I did that it was easy to delete so won't show on import list. But when you put them on the device 750 itself, it seems to change the name. I know the folder is /garmin/gpx


The import files are in the temp.gpx file.

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that makes it easy, thanks.

GPX files

Current.gpx is an output file from hidden memory of all your current Favorites, routes, tracks which can be opened with MapSource, Google Earth (Plus not required), etc.

TEMP.gpx is typically uploaded MapSource data. Favorites in it are automatically read by the nuvi. Routes have to be manually loaded from My Data menu. Tracks it the file cannot be loaded into a nuvi, but can be viewed in Google Earth.

Any other gpx files in \Garmin\GPX folder of main memory or SD with seemingly random names could be from points/routes transferred from Google Maps, Mapquest, etc. Those files can be deleted once you have that data in your nuvi.

Note that you can transfer points from Google Maps and/or routes from Mapquest, MapSource, etc. to SD with memory card reader even if your nuvi is not connected, and the nuvi can read them from there. However, that might interfere with supplemental maps added to SD until GPX folder on SD is deleted (not an issue for handheld units).

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