St. Louis Christmas Lights

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Last updated 12/21/2011

Raw file: STL Christmas Lights.csv (5.93 KB)

Includes 61 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: IL, MO

12/21/11 - As I said last year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, again, this year, did not publish a list of Christmas Light displays. So, in using this file, "CAVEAT EMPTOR", (Let the buyer beware), some displays shown, may not be around this year. If you happen to find a new one I don't have listed, let me know.

12/11/2010 -
Minor corrections. Have not seen a list of lights this year in the Post-Dispatch, so, I can't guarantee all of these. Will research as time permits.

A POI of some spectacular Christmas Light displays in and around the St. Louis Metro area. There are some commercial (labeled with a $$), several parks, but most are individual homes. Those with an asterisk by the name, are well worth the drive. Some are choreographed to music, and usually will have a sign as to where to tune your radio to. If anyone wants to add to this, let me know.

11/30/2009 - Added about 25 entries for 2009, making it 36, so far.

12/05/09 - Added Rotary Park, Wentzville

12/26/2009 - I realize it is the day after Christmas, but the Lights should be up for another week or so, so I added 22 more displays, bringing the total to 58. Also, I added an asterisk to the name on about 4 or 5 displays, indicating it is a "Must See".

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